Elle Magazine

May 2008 | Fun with a Repurpose
“We laud large hotel chains’ recent greenlining attempts, but for a truly tiny (and pretty) footprint, we love the Venice Beach Eco-Cottages.”
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Los Angeles Magazine

May 2008 | Need a Room?
“Three wee California bungalows with eclectic interiors in a dense Venice neighborhood opened in December with rehabbed furniture, repurposed wood, and efficient appliances.”
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New York Times

April 2008 | For Those Traveling With a Light Carbon Footprint
“The Venice Beach Eco Cottages, three 1922 bungalows in Venice, Calif., owned by Cynthia Foster, an actor and artist, and her husband, Dr. Karel J. Samsom, an emeritus professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in the Netherlands, opened in January as short-term rental units for the eco-conscious traveler.”
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Whole Life Times

April 2008 | Venice’s Sustainable Stay
“While it may seem like Venice is razing its bohemian bungalows in favor of shiny-new multi-story rentals, at least one new urban getaway has managed to remain true to the seaside town’s beachy roots without leaving a monster footprint: the Venice Beach Eco Cottages.”

Hospitality Design: The Green Issue

March 2008 | Off the Grid: Eco-friendly design leads a coastal revitalization
“Venice Beach has always been known for its free spirit and laissez-faire charm. But when this stretch of the California coastline fell to disrepair, Karel Samsom, a professor specializing in sustainable entrepreneurship, and his actor/artist wife, Cynthia Foster, resolved to do their part to restore its bygone charm.”
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Travel Agent Magazine

March 3, 2008 | Venice Beach Eco-Cottages
“When it comes to being hip, green is the new black. Nowadays it’s hard to find a resort or hotel that isn’t knee-deep in green initiatives. But you’d have to search hard and long to find a more eco-sensitive property than the newly opened Venice Beach Eco-Cottages.”
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Yogi Times

March 2008 | The Future of Living
“If Los Angeles were a poet slumbering in a concrete tenement block, she’d dream of traveling to the misty seaside neighborhood of Venice Beach and finishing her chapbook in a 1920s Craftsman bungalow.”
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Apartment Therapy

February 2008 | The Adorably Green Venice Beach Eco Cottages
Want to visit LA but have no place to stay? Forget the schmancy hotels on the Sunset Strip, and bunk down in style at one of these Venice Beach Eco Cottages. These three beach bungalows were completely remodeled using eco-friendly products: repurposed original wood, energy efficient appliances, and vintage furnishings and local art.
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February 2, 2008
“In this post, we will examine the cottages’ building process, as told to us by the entrepreneurial duo behind the project, Karel J. Samsom and Cynthia Foster.”
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February 1, 2008 | Welcome to the Eco Cottage California
“Have your guests’ heads grown heavy and their sight grown dim? Put ‘em up at The Venice Beach Eco Cottages, where three charming little former crack houses have been restored in a completely green way.”